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  • Hi Brett,
    I know it is indeed an old thread, but I wonder if anybody could help me with the photographs isued then of those parts.
    Maybe someone of the comminity do possess them hopefully.
    Best regards to you,
    Hi mate,

    I've started a Social Network community for kit car builders. It has a forum, but, more importantly it has a blog and magazine section, downloads and model reviews, vendor announcements etc.

    At the moment i'm busy trying to add useful content to it, and encouraging people to write build diaries as blogs, so there is plenty of content to attract visitors.

    So i'd like to invite you to join up, and any announcements you have made you can copy over (if you do it as part of a blog it'll be shown in the online magazine and be available to browse for all to see). I'm going to start a GT40s group on there too.

    It's not supposed to replace this forum, but, provide a useful amount of common information for all kit car builders, and promote the social aspect by building a network of builders of all types of car.

    Hey, good to here from you. I am in the US, please read the entire post, I really need to sell ALL. I can't sell pairs at the bulk price breakdown. They are Renault Export for right side road driving, as per Canada. If I recieve enough response I might break up. But at a higher per pair price. Also check your shipping costs from US zip 18360. Please let me know either way and what a pric per pair would be. Remember this is GT40...never cheap. Thanks Steve
    Hi Brett,
    I'm in Canterbury, i know your area pretty well..
    I want to buy some seat shells that i can spend my own time trimming preferably. Cost is an issue, but, if i can get the right basis for some genuine looking seats then i'll spend the appropriate amount.
    Hi Brett. I'm in Kent, and just starting out on a GT40 build. Found a lot of your build diary very helpful already.

    Could you tell me who supplied your seat shells? I got the feeling from what you wrote that perhaps it was a forum member that made them, is that correct?

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