1. YerDugliness

    Looks like H&M MkIIs have approval for European racing

    This info copied from the H&M website today (1/18/2018): | Holman & Moody Mark II | "Now with FIA Chassis type approval our new Mark IIs are being sold with FIA vintage passports for racing in Europe." That oughta start a new brawl! Nothing said about Mark Is... Cheers! Doug
  2. Ron Scarboro

    Superformance FIA - Cobra For Sale ***SOLD***

    All, I know this is a GT40 forum, but... Superformance FIA Cobra with approximately 500 miles. Assembly was done by Dennis Olthoff. Body - - Viking Blue w/White FIA nose Strip and 3 White Roundels - Fiberglass body over original type Trojero frame - FIA Trunk with dimples - Bungee cord...
  3. F

    FIA Kirkham Cobra bare AL FOR SALE

    FIA Kirkham Cobra. 351/427 engine. 5 speed Tremec Transmission. Stainless Steel Chassis. Dropped Drivers Floor (tall people can drive this cobra). 6.5" wide front wheels, 8.5" wide rear wheels. Avon Tyres. Low mileage. $120,000.00. More photos here: Kirkham Cobra Photos by bullet45acp |...