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  • Hi Doug, was reading a post on Club Cobra in regard to a young fella with crook back & how seat causes him pain on longer rides... There is a product called 'temperfoam'( spl?) which he may find useful, it is body heat reactive and molds itself to body profile each time you sit on/in it. He could just get a piece say 12" wide x 15" tall x 0.75" thick and tape to seat back to try it.

    Id post myself but lost log in details a few years ago with PC meltdown.
    Jac Mac
    Hello Doug,
    The second year of adverse health and at the moment trying to get some sort of fitness back into my life. Diabetes type 2 is my problem and it forced me to quit work - it qas quite arduous anyway though it was enjoyable in many ways with some huge risk taking. I did it alongside being a skipper in BA so often it was quite rewarding hearing some of the guys talking about "How did they know it would rain at such and such a time and other teams didn't? etc etc.
    I left hospital on Tuesday last feeling totally bedraggled and I need two more ops in the near future (torn rotator cuff surgeory which will take about 6 to 8 weeks for each one). I am trying to get fit for a motor-cycle ride next may to Tuscanny in Italy with Marcus (of this web site) so it gives me something to aim at.
    Thank you for remembering me even though I was having a snide remark at the American votong system and with the candidates you have, I pity the U.S..A. in general.
    My best wishes,
    Dave M
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    It's great to hear from you., David! I'm 71 and the years have certainly taken their toll. I have managed to avoid diseases,. but injure myself on a regular basis. As for politics...I miss those discussions we had on the forum but agree with your comments.
    Cheers!!!! from Doug, and best wishes for a great holiday touring Europe on a motorcycle! Be safe...please...;)
    No, Im at back with hat.. JO was trying seat for size! Was more concerned about tyre contact with elbows I think! Car could do with some suspension geometry revision!!! Has more bind than contestants at a cheese eaters convention!
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