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    Hello from Florida

    I am expecting my GT to arrive next week from Active Power Cars in Ohio. I have been communicating with Chris for about four months while he gets a roller ready for me. I have visited his shop in Ohio and was pleased to see how he assembles each GT to individual customer specs. I have been...
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    Getting title and registration in Florida?

    Considering buying a RCR GT-40. Would anyone have experience getting one titled and registered in Florida? Any issues? Thanks! Chet
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    new guy

    hello, new guy from Palm Bay, Florida
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    a Canadian visiting Florida

    I'm new to the site, and hope I'm not breaking any rules with this post. If I am, please accept my humble apology . . . A friend of mine from the frozen tundra in Canada will be in the Pompano Beach, Key West, Key Largo area in the near future (to thaw out.)He has never seen a SPF GT40 up close...