Hello from Florida

I am expecting my GT to arrive next week from Active Power Cars in Ohio. I have been communicating with Chris for about four months while he gets a roller ready for me. I have visited his shop in Ohio and was pleased to see how he assembles each GT to individual customer specs. I have been professionally restoring limited production vehicles since 1972. Chris and I hope to expand his production in to Florida with the help of my GT as a promotional example of replica features. I will be posting build pictures as I progress including body prep, painting, wiring, plumbing and assembly.
Danny, I also ordered a roller from Chris back in March and waiting to pick it up hopefully by August. I sent him the wheels and he will be molding 3 inch flares. I would like to see pictures of your roller when you get it. Congratulations
Thank you for the welcome. I am new to forum communication so I need to learn how to post pictures and answer messages. My understanding of certain computer related jargon on this site is limited.
Welcome Danny and George!

A friend of mine in Lake Helen has an up and running Active Power chassis. I am in Daytona beach-side. Where are you located Danny? Congrats to you both, S