1. R

    Formula Junior..Volopini replica

    I have a rule, one project at a time! but there is a clause subsection 1 that I can plan and acquire parts for the next build...SO. The plan is to build a visual replica of an early 60`s Volopini formula Junior....cause I can. They are a really nice looking little car that should be a lot of...
  2. blueovalz

    2018 Formula One

    It's been a nightmare thus far with only one race, and a second qualifying under the belt for ESPN2's coverage of Formula One this year. So far, both event's qualifying coverage ended before the qualifying ended (thus I had to go online to find out the Q3 results. Commercials on the first race...
  3. Hendrickx Paul

    winter snow formula car Nuburgring

    Hi all Found this little video driving on snow with an formula race car,nice cool drive on a two wheel drive. enjoy it Paul Formel Race Car by Ice and Snow - Full Lap - YouTube
  4. R

    5:40 for the big carve up

    Barry Algie Memorial. Taupo 2017. Race 2 Formula Libre - YouTube