1. JBurer

    Kevlar Clutch

    Initial run of the dual disc Kevlar clutches is complete and feedback from several who have installed has been excellent. We'd been offering these to Ferrari customers in different configurations for several years - no surprise they work just as well in the Graziano / V-8 configuration! I...
  2. R

    What happened to the Superlite cars Apex?

    Hey i was wondering, does anybody know what happened to Fran's Apex kit car design? Has that been abandoned? Would be a shame if it was. I was looking forward to it
  3. J

    Fortyfication, The Tony Hunt Years

    Excellent book gents! Looking forward to sitting down over Christmas to read it.
  4. J


    Hi All just thought I would let you know . I am taking my 40 for MOT on Friday . She is insured and its our 1st outing on the road . So looking forward tour 1st outing getting a bit excited really ... So wish me luck all . Will let you all know how it goes ...... John...
  5. R

    Hello for Houston Texas

    I've been reading a lot of post on this forum and I am very close to pulling the trigger on a RCR GT-R. I look forward to all the help that will come from this forum. I presently have a FFR Roadster that I built. Love the roadster but have alway wanted a GT. I'm a retired manufacturing...