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    SBF 302 Gasket set Mahle HS3530VJ

    I've just got a gasket set for my 302 (Mahle HS3530VJ) I can't seem to find any info online wether they are compatible with the edelbrock performer ally heads I've got - any one used this set?
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    superformance gt 40 head light and side window gaskets

    Does anyone know where to find gasket material better than the original to replace headlight and side window gaskets ? Thanks
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    Help! Intake manifold not fitting well

    I fitted the intake manifold, but was suspicious of the fit as the lower part of the gasket looked a bit loose, sure enough I can get a feeler gauge in there. Not just in one place, but each cylinder. The top part of the gasket is sealed but not the bottom as though the angle is different. As I...
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    FS USA (NYC) bnib oem brake pads bits, screws, and gaskets

    hey guys i have a few parts im helping a friend sell. i am not sure of prices but give me a reasonable offer and i probably will accept. located in nyc, text/call anytime for quickest response 201 961 4 eight eight 4. dont hesitate to ask anything or offer! thanks 2 brand new set of oem brake...