1. S

    Graziano drop gears for sale / drop gears

    I have two sets of transfer gears / drop gears for sale. The first set is .76 ratio and is designed for top speed events. They have about 800 miles in them....basically brand new $2000.00 OBO plus shipping The second set is the factory Lamborghini / Audi ratio. These are brand...
  2. C

    Reverse Rotation Automatic Transaxle. Planetary gearset?

    I realize this forum is geared toward mid engine cars, and that you often discuss rear engine style transaxles being inverted for mid engine use. I want to use a transmission that would already be longitudinal mid engine friendly and use it in a rear engine applications (A VW Super Beetle)...
  3. JBurer

    Graziano Gearing and Drop Gears

    I put this post together to help others avoid the pitfalls I've encountered with my Graziano L140 - transaxle from the Ausdi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo and some others. There's a huge amount of misinformation out there about gear ratios (including Audi's own product guides) and all aspects of a...
  4. E

    Drop gears FS

    Drop gears for a graziano transmission for sale. $1800 shipped new in box. Thanks Ed
  5. Dreamcars

    Stephan's SLC Build Log

    Stephan's SLC Build Threat Hello fellow current and future SLC owners. My name is Stephan and I just received the majority of my 2017 white SLC on Sunday, February 25th. Graziano, flywheel and Infinity box still to come due to backorders... I am in the Yardley, PA area wanted to introduce...
  6. R

    Anybody out there have instructions on how to replace a shift fork?

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie to this forum. I busted my 3rd/4th gear shifter fork in my 1996 G50(long), 6 speed non LSD and i was hoping that anyone out there knows how to replace one. Do you guys have an instruction list on how to go about it correctly? Thanks!
  7. L

    930 lsd and standard gears

    Hi, I have a 930 factory LSD diff to sell it looks to be in very good condition. I just bought a complete 930 box for off road racing and the LSD centre is no good for off road. I also will be putting 4 new gears in so the standard gears are for sale as well. located in South Australia make me...