1. S

    Looking for a GTD cable change

    Has anyone got a complete GTD cable change setup they would like to part with? Thanks Simon
  2. F

    Flywheel. Ford 302 short block . GTD

    Hi I need to replace my starter as broken. Can someone tell me the info about the flyweel and starter unit I need to buy ? I believe the flywheel is from a Ford V6 (standard GTD ?) ? Many thanks grtz Fred
  3. A

    GTD brake upgrades

    Hi, I own the very first GTD. I see various discussions about brake upgrades within 15" rims but can anyone tell me what GTD used over time on the original hubs/uprights supplied? What are the original (tiny) brakes on my car? Escort? Many people go to Willwood but I am sure even the regular...
  4. B

    Original Vickers 3 tap Fuel cock

    Would like to buy a original Vickers fuel cock for my GTD Regards Benjamin VR Belgium 0032475777968
  5. P

    GTD fuel gauge

    Hi guys my right hand fuel gauge has stopped working on my 1991 GTD any ideas what to look for first and where to look might be a bad earth not sure Cheers Paul
  6. S

    GTD instructions etc

    Just came across three folder of GTD “stuff” including an instruction manual Free to anyone who can pick up from Upminster, Essex otherwise they’re going to the dump Simon
  7. P

    GTD40 chassis # help please

    Hello Folks, I want to know what #my chassis is on my GTD. It has vin and number plates that match each other and are what was used in California for the SB100 registration by F. Faili ( hope I spelled his name correctly). Any way, I cant seem to find a number that fits the description that some...
  8. P

    GTD 40 for sale in the UK **SOLD**

    Ford GTD40 Reg. no. incl.: N40AGT Originally built 1994/5 in Mougins (Cannes). French registered 1996 until January 2005, registered & driven in the South of France (LHD) until 2005. Bought by the current owner in Jan 2005. Initial registration N67RCG. Since then significant...
  9. 4

    Graham Kelsey of GTD 40 fame

    All of you GTD 40 followers who remember the good old days with the Poole/ Manchester lads will remember Graham as a helpful, friendly and funny guy who was Rays right hand. Unfortunately he has lost his battle with cancer. He was at home with his wife Mary and his step daughter last night when...
  10. D

    GTD Engine/gearbox Lowering

    Hi all I've just been reading with interest all the various options on lowering the engine in a GTD.... inverting gearboxes/Southern GT rear end/angle grinder to GTD chassis etc etc. The chassis is completely standard GTD and I'd like to lower the engine/gearbox by a modest amount c.30mm or...
  11. P

    GTD sway bar info needed please

    hello everyone, I am rearranging the GTD that I now have and I am relocating the swaybar to the top side above the trans., from where it is now which is behind the trans way down below the body. after moving it I discovered the bend on the sway bar is too far wide to fit between the correct...
  12. T

    GTD starter motor

    Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me where i can get a replacement starter motor for my 1992 GTD. The current one i know its not a FORD unit.... Looking for a hi-torque replacement Cheers
  13. RichardH

    Rear wheel bearings...

    have a bit of a clonk at the os rear and think it might be rear wheel bearings ( it seems to be speed and wheel rotation related). I have started to take the rear upright off the car and have come to a stop. Below are pics..... I have slackened off the top and bottom upright fixings, removed...
  14. P

    GTD GT40 for sale *SOLD*

    1984 GT40P Replica for sale. Partially assembled. Body by KVA (Ken Attwell from Wales) Frame by GT Developments (Manchester) Panels are aluminum and riveted to frame. Floor pan is Stainless Steel and riveted/bonded to frame. Imported to US ~1984 Right hand drive. Original ZF1 transaxle...
  15. R

    New GTD member & builder

    Hi, I'm a new member but I've had my unfinished GTD40 for a few years. Shortly after I got the car we moved house so I had to promise that the DIY on the new house would get done before I resumed the build. I have just restarted the build and work is about 70% complete. I'm just at the stage of...
  16. 5

    GTD Information

    Hello fellow GTD owners, I have recently purchased a GTD and have used this forum to gain information about the car and its history. I understand there was a GTD website which is no longer operational. Is there another source that would have build manuals, advertisments, publications, etc on...
  17. 5

    WANTED - GTD Headers

    Hi All, I am looking for some new headers for my GTD. I have a Ford racing 302. THanks for the help.
  18. A

    Back on the road

    GTD40 - YouTube
  19. J


    Here's my KVA c-type Mk1 with GTD suspension mods. Tuned 351 ci Cleveland (4v), strengthened UN1 with long top gear, AP paddle clutch, ventilated AP four pots and Cosworth rears with bias pedal box. Adjustable suspension with nylon bushes, quick rack, anti-bump steer geometry, large radiator...
  20. J

    GTD Dampers & Springs - Spax adjustable

    Set of stock GTD Spax adjustable dampers and springs. The spring platforms have seized on one of the rear dampers, other three are fine. Springs removed to test dampers. Standard GTD springs powdercoated blue. Located in Devon, UK. Looking for £150 plus postage. Please PM me or email...