1. ferrari328gt

    Member Name

    In keeping with the administrator's request to eliminate all "handles", how can I change my member name, and the line below my name in a post. Thanks.
  2. J

    Door locks, handles and catches

    Bought an abandoned project.. Well, I have nothing to start with and need to buy all the required parts that are missing. What do I need. I have a GT Forté MK2 body with recesses for the handles. Where to get a complete set handles, catches etcetera that suits my needs. Also need door...
  3. B

    Question about high speed and the handling,safety,etc...

    I’m wanting to build the SLC to break the 200 mph mark at some point.always been a goal of mine as I like speed.i would like to do this in the half mile challenge but understand that may be tough..im just wondering about how safe and how the car handles and responds at high speeds..anybody have...
  4. G

    GT40 Exterior Door Handles

    Hi All, Does anyone have any original type exterior door handles for sale? Unfinished castings are acceptable. Regards,