Question about high speed and the handling,safety,etc...


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I’m wanting to build the SLC to break the 200 mph mark at some point.always been a goal of mine as I like speed.i would like to do this in the half mile challenge but understand that may be just wondering about how safe and how the car handles and responds at high speeds..anybody have any experience or input on the subject is appreciated...thanks Scott


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Should be doable. Just build a really good cage. Friend of mine's brother in law had a
2,000 hp Camaro that started doing cartwheels at 260 mph in the Texas Mile a few years ago. Fortunately he had spent about $20,000 on a good cage so he lived to tell the tale. I have to think the SLC has better aero than that Camaro.
My car is setup for open road racing. I’ve not done a real cage yet so am limited to a tech speed of 168. Have run it to 175ish in practice.

I have street tail, CF wing mounted back and high, front wheel vents, street splitter.

Last time outi cranked out a bunch of wing.

Car is VERY planted at speed. With 3.5” front 4” rear ground clearance (at rest), and 800f/900r Springs, car runs low enough at 150 to hit the road reflectors.

As currently setup, it does fave aero push at 150+, but it’s very manageable.

I would not hesitate to use the car for mile racing.

I think I would run race splitter, fender vents, street tail, no wing, 1” of rake, 900f/1000r Springs to start testing.


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Dallas, I was there when his Camaro rolled several times, his was the last run of the day and he was attempting to go faster than the Ford GT. As you say he had a very well built cage that saved him.



Make no mistake here —
You are never “Safe” in a car that’s running 200+ MPH - even if the car was built to withstand a crash to protect its occupants.
In some cases the rollcage itself may well become the instrument of severe injury or death.
Anyone who tells you differently is not telling you the truth.