1. Ron Scarboro

    Hallibrand style wheels & Headlights

    Standard wheels for a Superformance. Tires included 15X8 3.625” backspace 215-65 tire 15X10 3.625” backspace 295-50 tire 6 pin $1,300 + shipping In Raleigh NC if you want to pick up Spinners can be included for $200 more Headlights are $50 for the pair. Came with the car, bulbs included but...
  2. D

    LUCAS 2FRP Headlights - FORD Escort Mk-1

    I have been searching for ages now, for headlights to suit my Tornado GT40. LUCAS Style 2FRP, found in the Ford Escort Mark-1 series and others. Sometime ago, I did purchase some second-hand units which where fine for using to cut out the fibreglass, but the reflectors were badly corroded and...
  3. D


    I am progressing with my Southern Gt Build, I have now come to where I need Headlights. Mick at Southern said that Mark 1 Escort are what I need but are unobtainable. I have been told that Renault 12 would do, but I am having difficulty with them as well. One ray of light came from Hella/Cibe...