I am progressing with my Southern Gt Build, I have now come to where I need Headlights. Mick at Southern said that Mark 1 Escort are what I need but are unobtainable. I have been told that Renault 12 would do, but I am having difficulty with them as well. One ray of light came from Hella/Cibe I spoke to Robert who said get me the long "E" number (Not just E11) it should have 6/8 numbers. If I can provide that, then he could track down what I need. Can anybody help with this detail please, even the long number from a Mark 1 Escort might help as well. Or what are the forum using to get past this difficulty.
Thanks Ian, is there a model number that I should quote as I see in the picture some of the headlights are round.

Ian Anderson

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Honestly not sure, but if you say for a GT40 they will know what they are, and can also do the mounting brackets

Could not get the Viva ones as they were a bit well used, settled for Saab 99 ones, look very good and the correct size.