I am progressing with my Southern Gt Build, I have now come to where I need Headlights. Mick at Southern said that Mark 1 Escort are what I need but are unobtainable. I have been told that Renault 12 would do, but I am having difficulty with them as well. One ray of light came from Hella/Cibe I spoke to Robert who said get me the long "E" number (Not just E11) it should have 6/8 numbers. If I can provide that, then he could track down what I need. Can anybody help with this detail please, even the long number from a Mark 1 Escort might help as well. Or what are the forum using to get past this difficulty.
Thanks Ian, is there a model number that I should quote as I see in the picture some of the headlights are round.

Ian Anderson

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Honestly not sure, but if you say for a GT40 they will know what they are, and can also do the mounting brackets

Could not get the Viva ones as they were a bit well used, settled for Saab 99 ones, look very good and the correct size.


Got mine from a guy in Australia NOS from Mk1 Escort then used Micks brackets, think they are being remade over here now but as I recall not hugely expensive form down under
eBay France. Search Renault R12 phare (light). Marchal (now Valeo) and Cibie are both available both convex and concave fronts. R2 and R4 bulbs. Just search until you find what you need. Most sellers will ship internationally. you can get the dimensions off this site by searching. The glass lense measures 230mm x 120mm.
Some partnumbers here:
Headlight for the Renault 12.
Original Cibie.
Part number: 0870030600, 7701018877, 7701018875.
But these are LHD which I installed.
Install priciple is the same as the original. 1 spring and 2 adjusters + a pivot point to obtain the richt angels.
I did not use the original frames as they are too big to fit in the body. at least in a GTD with KVA thick body. I also could get hold of a Headlamp measuring device to position the lamps already were they need to be and adjust them afterwards.

Rgds Curt
maybe in Romania as the dacia 1300 is a copy of the renault 12 and has been build long after the renault 12 was discontinued. on my last trip to romania I saw many still being used. so maybe new lights are still around.