1. C

    FS USA Thermo-Tec 11710 24" X 24" Micro-Louver Air Shield

    This one is hard to find... The aluminum Micro Louver Air Shield helps block direct radiant heat while still allowing air to flow into the heat source while the vehicle is moving. The textured patterns created by the micro air louvers also create more surface area for heat dissipation. It...
  2. Dwight

    best heat shield material

    OK it cold outside and we need something to talk about. So my question is. What is the better heat shield material for the rear deck above the motor & exhaust, aluminum or stainless? Polished or raw? Why Dwight
  3. Dwight

    Rear Clip heat shield pictures, please

    I need to mount studs to the rear clip (cam shell) of my RCR GT40 for a heat shield above the motor. I need pictures to give me an ideal. Please post your pictures or tell me what I need. Thanks Dwight P.S. car goes into the paint shop within the next couple of weeks.
  4. D

    Another SLC hits the streets

    After 4 years of building, my SLC just received its license and registration and is now free to roam the streets. I'd like to thank everyone who posted on this forum - it was tremendously valuable during the build. Some of the details for the car include: - License plate backup camera that...
  5. M

    Sound Insulation

    I have seen several posts about stick on sound insulation but haven't seen any on spray on. I have used Lizard Skin in the past for both sound and heat insulation with good results. Has anyone used this on an SL-C and were there any issues?