1. J

    Monocoque Chassis

    Hi, I am considering building a GT40 from a monocoque chassis of mild steel like the original cars. Any advice on best current suppliers? I hear Steve Hill at Mirage did very good ones a few years back? Thanks for helping
  2. gsharapa

    GT40 Trailer Unload

    Bought a new Mission all aluminum trailer for my GT40 and took the car to the Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet/Event in San Marco, Texas. Running the Texas Hill Country with 135 Cobras was a blast for 4 days. Here is a video unloading my GT40 at the event. Unloading GT40 at Texas Cobra Club Meet...
  3. MHNCO


    Small problem back behind the house today. Actually, two of them which greeted me from 10 feet away when I opened the door to leave. They were quite large. Then there was this train wreck on over the hill... interesting day it has been ha.