1. K

    Fiberglass stress cracking

    Took the car out last weekend for a quick run. When I got back I noticed a 14" long crack in the hood - directly above the latch on the drivers side. It has sheared clean thru. Stress?
  2. C

    FS USA Bonnet Latch Assembly

    Hood or Bonnet Latch Assembly. New, never used. $50, plus CONUS shipping from Colorado Info These trunk or hood latch assemblies allow you to use an OEM-type assembly on your car. Most people would mount the female latch in the body and the male pin on the trunk or hood. Male pin can be...
  3. Howard Jones

    Interesting hood vents

    I found these hood vents surfing. Many different models. Might be of interest for lots of home built things. Not crazy $ either. Home page
  4. F

    twin front hood vents wanted

    I have a carbon fiber hood that I want to inlay gt40 type twin vents. Where can I buy the vents only here in the US Thanks Mike
  5. F

    Cleanin' out the shed! Roush Stage 3 intake kit

    Guys, I was keeping this for the Mangusta, but that has moved on to a new owner. Don't worry, have not gone over to the dark side yet, bought a Pantera just to keep the punishment up!! So far car is doing just that....nicknamed her "Erica" (Days of Our Lives....Susan Luci...!) Owned it 5...