FS USA Bonnet Latch Assembly

Hood or Bonnet Latch Assembly. New, never used.

$50, plus CONUS shipping from Colorado

These trunk or hood latch assemblies allow you to use an OEM-type assembly on your car. Most people would mount the female latch in the body and the male pin on the trunk or hood. Male pin can be removed from bracket and attached separately.

The assemblies are cable operated but the cable is not included.

These universal hood or trunk latch components have many applications of which they can be used on. The male pin has a push button for the safety catch release which may be eliminated if desired on a trunk mount application. Mounting plate or bracket for the female is not included and up to the builder for fabrication. The male part may require additional support and mount fabrication on the underside of the deck lid. Cable release required for the female latch and nearly any cable assembly can be used if in the appropriate length. The 'female' hood / trunk latch assembly (91126110) must be hooked to a cable and adjusted before it will latch. It has a 'failsafe' feature so that it will automatically release if the cable should break.

Overall Length: 3.33"
Overall Width: 2.38"
Overall Height: 1.80"
Base Length: 2.13"
Base Width: 3.38"
Mounted Height: .42"
Inside Diameter: .65"
Bolt Hole Pattern: 2.77" x 1.50"
Material Type: Steel
Finish: Zinc Plated

Notes: Doesn't include cable.


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