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    Hello, everyone!

    Newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online GT40s community. Whenever I'm riding out with my cousin, we'd usually bring our little Pomeranian with us (though we have to secure him in a dog crate during lengthy travels, as he loves to jump on my lap while I drive) . I joined up in the...
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    Hey Guys Is it possible to buy a readymade bundle of snakes for a 302 SBF + ZF5? My pal paid $7500 to have his custom made but his was for a Coyote so im hoping the SBF has a cheaper prefabricated option. - Vinax
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    need help interpreting this ZF ID plate

    This is a photo of the ID plate on my ZF transaxle. The gear ratios seem low to me given the output horsepower of the 289 circa 1967, but I'm hoping someone might have some insight as to why the ratios are as they are and perhaps what the ID numbers mean. Thanks, John
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    Road Tax...

    Hi all just wondering what are you all paying for your Road Tax on your 40s I don't have a clue what I am expected to be paying . My 40 runs a 302 . Any info would help .. I'm hoping to get IVA in the next couple of months be good to know please Thanks All John,,,:thumbsup: