1. J

    Hydrolic rams .

    Hi all I was just thinking about the rear body section on my 40. And wondered if any body had fitted hydraulic rams to support and keep in place ? Any ideas guys and gals please .. Thanks all JOHN
  2. K

    New/Old RCR Build...

    Hello! My first post seeking guidance from you all here on GT40s.com. I'm building a RCR GT 40 that's been in mothballs for about 10 years. It came with some great components but there are some I have yet to get as well. One of the things I'm working on right now is the engine and transaxle...
  3. B

    Hydraulic Car Ramps

    I haven't tried these hydraulic car ramps, but they look useful. When flat, they're only 5" (12.5cm) tall. They have a foot pump to raise the ramps to a max of 16" (38.5cm). The prices (before VAT) for a pair are GBP 350 for 900KG capacity and GBP 375 for 1,350KG capacity. HYDRAULIC CAR...