1. C

    Ground Clearance

    Hi: Pending the arrival of my MKII, I have been giving all sorts of thought to practical issues, such as ground clearance, particularly at the front. My car will be mainly for road use, and, obviously, I will be extremely careful, but a general question I have is what have people's...
  2. R

    mastershift paddle shifting issues. . .

    i just bought a SPF gt40 mark 11, 427IR roush, it has a master shift kit, with a paddle style style shifter, if i don't completely granny shift, it misses gears, and makes a grinding noise going in to second gear, anyone have any experience with this master shift? similar issues, suggestions?
  3. C

    FS USA California Classic Mirrors

    California Classic Mirrors (SOLD) I went through mirror OCD during my build and purchased a few different styles till I settled on what I wanted. Some were returned, others stuck around. Here are two California Classic mirrors (my 2nd backup choice) up for sale, still new, never mounted...
  4. PeteB

    Ground wires on GM harmess

    With the throttle issues I'm having, thought I'd check the grounds on the GM harness. Manual says there are three, but I can't find them. Anyone know where on the harness they are?
  5. C

    Getting title and registration in Florida?

    Considering buying a RCR GT-40. Would anyone have experience getting one titled and registered in Florida? Any issues? Thanks! Chet