1. G

    Post IVA licensing

    Having passed IVA I now require to apply for a Log book. Who can tell me what tax bracket my car is in? The engine was manufactured in 1990 25th November 1990. Any guidance appreciated as I cant find any relevant information. Many thanks
  2. MikeP

    IVA pass NW MDA!

    Today was a very good day. I went with fellow NW club member Mark Edwards today with his MDA to the IVA test centre in Chadderton, Oldham. A few items which could be fixed on the day BUT ............it Passed!! I think the smile says it all. Cheers Mike
  3. C

    New Chassis, just don't know which one

    So, I'm planning on ordering a chassis this summer but I'm still undecided as to which one. The shortlist is Tornado, Southern GT or GT Forte. I think I've decided that my power will come from a Ford Mustang 4.6 V8 DOHC Engine And Audi 01E gearbox, I have seen a complete package for sale from...
  4. G

    What size aero cap fits in the fancy casting?

    Hi all. Fuel filler caps and necks come in at least 3 sizes that I have found but I won’t be getting the cool looking casting till after the IVA (which is about to be applied for!). So the ask is, could somebody with a set of those casting measure the inside diameter for me please? Ant
  5. W

    Side windows and IVA

    Hi All, My car is approaching IVA stage and I have a question about side windows. I have heard that you now must have the side windows installed for the IVA test and the windows themselves must have compliance markings. Does anyone know where to get side windows from with the correct...
  6. J

    IVA Fail ..

    Hi All my 40 went for IVA today up at Kidderminster .I got a fail ......:furious: all silly things really to name a few ....... Interior mirror vibrating on tick over ....... had sticker on dash stating dip for the head light . they want another sticker saying Main ...... fog light...
  7. J

    Rear Fog light IVA.

    Hi all has any body fitted the rear fog light gadget that turns off the fog light once you turn your light off. And don't allow the fog light to be left on . I'm fitting one now ........ And wanted to know how you got on with it .. It became part of the IVA list in 2013. Can you let...
  8. J

    Indicators front ....

    Hi Guys and gals .. Going to fit my front indicators over the weekend . I know I have to fit them in the headlight area . I have smaller than the originals . I have to fit them there for IVA . and wasn't sure of position . Can any body help please ? Ta John.
  9. J

    Road Tax...

    Hi all just wondering what are you all paying for your Road Tax on your 40s I don't have a clue what I am expected to be paying . My 40 runs a 302 . Any info would help .. I'm hoping to get IVA in the next couple of months be good to know please Thanks All John,,,:thumbsup:
  10. L

    UK emissions IVA. Carb problems 850DP. Holley (which) or ???

    Hi all. Getting very frustrated with the carb now having spent many hours working on it and also reading up on how to set up, how to rebuild, how to diagnose etc etc so hoping you guys can help out. I'm having troubles getting current carb which was supplied with engine about 8 years ago...