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    Hello from Orange County, CA

    Hello all, New guy here. So when I told my boss that I was retiring back in 2013, he didn’t believe me. So I sold my BMW M6 and bought a motorhome. He believed me then, lol. So I’ve been driving an Airstream Interstate as a daily driver for 5 years now and, I must say, I miss having a fun, fast...
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    Need Help Identifying Windshield / Frame

    Hi All! I’ve got a GT40 replica in our shop with a plastic windshield, and I’m trying to locate a DOT glass windshield, so that we can inspect it as a street car for a customer. The car is a 10” longer version of the GT40, and was originally built by Lone Star in Texas, but I think they only...
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    Master Cylinder Sizes

    I know there is a lot of conversation on this site about this. Much of it is over my head. I saw that someone put together a MC calculator and it made my hair hurt. I have 13” Corvette front brakes and 11” rears with a hydraulic clutch. Is there an average size that would be best? From what...
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    Long time guest

    Long time guest, first time poster. I’ve always been into the GTs and always figured they were just another car I’d never be able to own. I’ve researched replicas before and felt that they were always a hodgepodge if a Fiero with a body kit. That was until I came across this site and all of you...
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    New Guy From Westchester New York

    Hi everyone, I’m thinking about getting into building a gt40. I have a line on an Active Power Cars frame and I may take a shot. I’ve restored muscle cars, built motors and I’ve owned Porsche’s and a Corvette. I’m not rich, but I’m also not in a hurry. I want a project. I’m 59 years old...