Need Help Identifying Windshield / Frame

Hi All! I’ve got a GT40 replica in our shop with a plastic windshield, and I’m trying to locate a DOT glass windshield, so that we can inspect it as a street car for a customer.

The car is a 10” longer version of the GT40, and was originally built by Lone Star in Texas, but I think they only made one or two of these things, so I can’t find any information about what windshield they may have used.

I’ve attached some photos, with about all the dimensions I could think to take, and I was hoping you all could look at them and see if you can figure out what windshield/what kit this car was derived from. (The measurements are of the perimeter of the frame, btw)

I was directed to CAV by Fran at RCR after I sent them my photos. Jordi at CAV was very helpful in getting me some measurements on their windshield. It was too small, but if I must, I can modify the windshield frame to fit and repaint, but hopefully I can find a windshield that fits properly.

Brandon Berry