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    Need help in michigan!

    Hey everyone, I decided to go with a fiero chassis with mmy kellison gt40, I need someone to stretch the fiero, weld a subframe and instal the engine and transmission in for me. someone please help me..:huh:
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    I need help finding parts for a kellison gt40

    Hey everyone, Im new to the whole gt40 thing, this is actually my first time using a forum. I am buying a kellison gt40 in a few weeks, i need a few tips. the body is on a vw but it has no vin and no title, how do i go on to purchase it and title it in michigan? second is, where in the world do...
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    I need help identifying my body make

    I bought this body and plan on putting it on a fiero chassis for now but i need to find out what make it is and where to get a windshield, rear window, upper and lower light covers for it. I would also like to know what people opinions are for modifing the body to make it a little more sturdy...