I need help identifying my body make

I bought this body and plan on putting it on a fiero chassis for now but i need to find out what make it is and where to get a windshield, rear window, upper and lower light covers for it. I would also like to know what people opinions are for modifing the body to make it a little more sturdy and how to take care of spider cracks in the fiberglass.




It looks like it might be an old Valkrye (spelling?) the were originally intended to go on volkswagon chassis - a friend had one with a flat 6 corvair in it that moved quite well. I think I still have his old build maunal around somewhere if that is what it turns out to be.

dave harris
Back in the early 80's I bought a Bricklin which had some spider cracks in the body. At that time it was cheaper for me to replace the body panel then attempt to repair the spider cracks. It all depends on the amount and depth of the cracks. The few cracks I did repair eventually came back. For the deeper cracks I was advised to drill a small hole at each end of the crack to stop it from expanding then you have to fill the holes and crack. Don't know if this is still the correct process, but like I said they did start to reappear, but they never got any bigger. Good luck....Are you planning on using a Ford small block?
It is indeed a Kellison.
Windsheild takes a 65 to 69 corvair.
The rest cut out of Plexiglas.
If you check the Yahoo Kellison group,
I think you'll find some one there that recreats the headlight cover's.


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Dave Wood

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Definetly a Kellison. I think on the link that was posted is a pic or 2 of one(Blue) that is likely on a Fiero chassis, from the way it sits and the wheels on it. I priced out a new Corvair shield just a couple months ago and it was only $185. I still don't like the curve of it in relation to the rest of the 40 lines but will do one with a 'vair shield and am currently taking measurements of shields that have a better curvature...the 'shield curves available in the 60s were pretty limited, but there are a number available now. I am presently considering a Fox Mustang(coupe) rear window. It appears to have a nicer curvature and dimensionally close. I intend to keep the second one, I am selling the first, and 'vair 'shields won't be around forever...I was actually surprised at how low cost they still are.

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As for the cracks, fiberglass is easy to work with, early cars like this didn't typically have the gelcoat that is common now, so they often have spyder cracks... easily repaired.Reinforcing is pretty straight forward as well, just make sure to sand thoroughly and use some acetone to clean any residue oils/waxes from the surface and it should bond well.
It looks like it was in use on a VW at one time since it has the tubing in the pontoons for the heater/defroster. The use of a separate hood with venting in the front clip also indicates it was likely a later model. There were several other companies that used the mold later on....I don't believe any are still around. They didn't have the wide array of products that Kellison did and the GT40 lines aren't close enough to be able to compete in that market. Although no GT40, I fell in love with them in the 60s while still in High School.
I have 2 and some spare parts(headlight covers included) if needed and also an assembly manual, although that probably will have little use with your intentions.
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for now im planning on going with a fiero chassis its got the same wheel base and maybe even get a small block chevy for it orgo with a supercharged 3800. How much would you want for your headlight covers shipped? Thanks for the feedback.
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