1. J

    Strange Gas leak - KVA

    I had a strange gas leak several days ago. I decided to take my baby (a KVA GT40) out for a spin as she had been sitting in the garage all winter. As I backed out of the garage I noticed a stream of fluid coming from under the car – later I recognized that it was gasoline. I followed my usual...
  2. B

    Gt40 parts ??!!

    Hello i am looking for a supplier serious for gt40 parts : door handles and later a windshield (windscreen ? ) for KVA gt40. Do you know someone please ? Thanks
  3. J

    KVA build instructions

    Does somebody have build instructions for a KVA. Chassis in not the problem, its all the other stuff that needs to fitted to the chassis. I bought a stranded project. A rolling KVA chassis with body & ancileries fully dismantled Need guidelines as I want to do it correct. Body is a MK2 &...
  4. Fivepointseven

    KVA / SGT build

    For almost 18 month, I am working on my mixed KVA (panels) and SGT (chassis) MKI project, feeding a blog in German so far. Since still people are reading my stuff, I decided to also let the world know what I am doing in my spare time. It all starts with really bad panels, that I bought for a...
  5. J


    Here's my KVA c-type Mk1 with GTD suspension mods. Tuned 351 ci Cleveland (4v), strengthened UN1 with long top gear, AP paddle clutch, ventilated AP four pots and Cosworth rears with bias pedal box. Adjustable suspension with nylon bushes, quick rack, anti-bump steer geometry, large radiator...