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  • John,
    If you have regular uprights you can have them changed over to accept the CVs. I was having trouble with fitting disc brakes to my setup which was C4 stuff. Nobody made any aftermarket brakes. Fran Hall read my post on the delima and wrote me out of the blue with assistance. He has all the hardware to get it done. With his equipment I was able to put Wilwood 6 pots one the fronts and 4 pots on the rear. If I was at home I could send you the pics of the hardware. He even sent me the taps to fit the stuff to my setup. I sent him my front hub and he had it all machined to fit. Mine is a DRB(GT 40 Australia). If you go to my build log DRB #5 I probably have all the info there. The half shafts come from The Driveshaft Shop in Carolina. I just ordered the ones that Fran uses for the 930 with 108* Lobros(the strong ones). Look on my build log and I will check it out tonight when I get there. I'm on call at the hospital today so I may not get there til late if at all!!

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