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    1964 Le Mans GT/104 fire photos

    I haven't see these before, they pretty much explain the DNF ! Stanford Univ. Revs Institute Archives https://purl.stanford.edu/dz044bv5570 https://purl.stanford.edu/yf027rt0884 https://purl.stanford.edu/cr034zz4000 https://purl.stanford.edu/dz387pq2429 enjoy, regards, jim p
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    Video recordings

    Hi all, Mark from The Netherlands. For the last few years i've been looking everywhere for old (television) recordings of races (be it F1, rally, Le Mans, etc). Everything I have is listed on my website (Motor Racing Video Archive). If this is seen as advertisement let me know and I'll remove...
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    Le Mans classic

    Hi Does anyone know if you can take part in the Le Mans Classic with a Superformance GT40/R MK I ? Thanks
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    Seasons Greetings & Le Mans Classic

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy & Safe New Year, plus reminding those intending to attend the LMC 2012, that club members can book travel, accomodation, entry, paddock, grandstand and lunch tickets via Grandstand Motor Sport and that those wishing to take their GT40s around the circuit...
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    1966 Le Mans Sound Track To The Race- CD

    Released by Decca and written/produced by Hugh Mendl, this LP record covers the 34th Grand Prix d'Endurance which ran on June 18 & 19 1966. When this project was conceived, the producer had no idea what a historic race this would turn out to be, with the mighty Ferraris vanquished and for the...
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    Le Mans 1966 Rare Sound Track LP

    This really is for sharing- a gentleman by the name of Richard Thain has posted a 16 part sound track recording of the 1966 Le Mans race onto YouTube. Richard sent it to me as Chairman of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club and I thought you'd all be interested in listening to it. I wonder if any of you...