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    Bruce McLaren Movie

    Not sure if this is the correct spot to post this but for the Aussies on the forum the Bruce McLaren movie is now showing in cinemas around the country. At the moment there is not a lot of sessions being screened so if you want to see it on the big screen it would pay to go sooner rather than...
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    M8e at Fontana

    Was out at Fontana on Sat. & got a couple of shots of a Mclaren M8e (not the greatest shots)
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    Just thinking

    I was just surfing through "Lotus" on ebay & noticed a couple of Elise chassis for sale. Interesting little units. I wonder if you could adapt a body (say Mclaren Mk6) to it? Just one of those what ifs? LOL
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    Mclaren M6 body?

    Is there anyone that makes an M6 body in the States? Or an M1? Thinking down the road to maybe doing a Mclaren. I like the earlier more rounded bodies than the M8s. Cheers
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    Exoto 1/18 Aficionado 1966 GT40 1-2-3 collection for sale

    Hi all Unfortunately, I have to sell my much treasured GT40 Aficionado collection and want it to go to a fellow enthusiast. The models have never been taken out of the box so are immaculate. There's a slight crease on one corner of the outer boxes but otherwise no real signs of shelf wear...