Mclaren M6 body?

Is there anyone that makes an M6 body in the States? Or an M1? Thinking down the road to maybe doing a Mclaren. I like the earlier more rounded bodies than the M8s. Cheers

Ian Anderson

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Tornado Sportscars over this side ft he pond used to do an M6

May be worth an e mail to Andy and see if he still has the kit, I know he shops to the USA

Thanks guys I was hoping to avoid the extra expense in shipping. I heard from Vintage Engineering right here in California. That they do make an M6 body. They also make reproduction suspension parts like uprights.
Hi Mike, I got my M6B body off Toluca Lake Classic Motor Sports in L.A. I've since found out Autotune and Specialised Mouldings in the U.K. also do them. Hope that helps.
Regards, Udo.
Mike, Regarding Vintage Engineering, They make a really good stuff, I got all of my authentic looking parts off them like uprights, wheels, rocker covers, Discs, top hats etc. Just be prepared to wait a long time, a really long time.
Just saying, that's all.
I don't think Toluka Lake is still in business. I haven't been able to find a link to them that still works. I've had a couple of messages back & forth from Richard at Autotune today as a matter of fact. He's going to check with his guy for a shipping quote. You know he's a member here? He mentioned he'd been looking at my Lotus build thread. If I got a body from Vintage, I'd drive up & get it. They're in Northern California. Maybe it was the long distance shipping that took so long? Or some guys just get it when they get around to it. I'm having the same problem with a supplier in Eng. right now. I want to get a manifold they make. Last week he said it'd take a couple of days to put the stuff together. Sent him another message today & got basically the same response as a week ago. When he gets it put together he'll invoice me LOL
Hi Mike, I think a lot of people think "It's only for his race car, it can't be that important. It's not like he needs it to get to work or anything". In Vintage's case though, I'm not talking weeks, I'm talking three years after deposit paid and still waiting. It will probably be different for you, because you live close, It's a bit hard from where I live. Say "Gidday" to Ray for me if you see him.
Regards, Udo.