1. C

    What's better than two GT40s in Colorado?

    Three of course! This 'meet-n-greet' was Sunday morning, south of Denver in Lone Tree. We had Scott (CScott67), who hauled his car all the way from Daytona Beach to play for a day, and Mike (MHNCO) with his ultra clean SPF. Tom and Scott then headed west for a short, fun drive in the...
  2. MikeP

    F1 TJI explained

    Mercedes TJI - YouTube Cheers Mike
  3. M

    New member

    So many amazing builds. Here to learn. Mike
  4. F

    twin front hood vents wanted

    I have a carbon fiber hood that I want to inlay gt40 type twin vents. Where can I buy the vents only here in the US Thanks Mike
  5. MikeP

    Goodwood revival live stream 2017

    Goodwood Revival Live Stream 2017 - YouTube Cheers Mike
  6. N

    Can you name these cars at

    Must admit never heard of 2 of them, although one I should have. Not for you Mike you were there, although you may have to remind me of the red ones name:)
  7. M

    Coffee & Cars orange county

    I've heard about the coffee & cars but never been there. Are they still doing it? Where? When? Thanks Mike
  8. M

    GT-40 T shirt

    First, note to Moderator. If this is in the wrong place, please move. I subscribe to ReinCarNation magazine. The attached link is to an ad for a shirt that may be of interest to Forum Members. I have no interest in the magazine or the shirt. Mike GTO40 Tshirt