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    Graz clutch replacemnt

    I am starting a new thread about my clutch replacement. I started a new thread rather than muck up Johns group buy thread. I replaced the stock clutch that came with the Graz transaxle from RCR. I pretty much only drive my car on the track (about 97% of my 4000 miles on the car are track...
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    Finally seen the ghost

    This car has been a part of local legend for many years. The owner is just a few miles down the road but this is my first time seeing it.
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    Ken Miles

    This might be of interest- ken Miles – Building and Racing a Legend
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    Gt40 p/2000

    HELLO I am French and excuse my English I use a translator, about a year ago I had to buy the GT40 Superformance of Dave Hood and at the time of finalizing the transaction he decided to no longer sell it, I understand it better now that I have mine, I quickly found a replacement Superformance...
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    Trans Ratio's

    Hi Gents I know there has been a lot of discussion around gear ratio's but I would like some feed back on what you think is the best final drive ratio for the street. I'm running a Porsche G96 3.44:1 on 25" rubber. Although I haven't done many miles it just seems too low. So before I shell out...
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    GT3 Porsche Powered SLC for sale on BAT Interesting build w/approx. 100 miles. Auction ends 9/21.
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    Jay Leno reviews his new GT

    I'm amazed this hasn't been posted yet. Good video and likely the closest I will ever come to a ride along. Has already wound 1000 miles on the clock 2017 Ford GT - Jay Leno's Garage - YouTube
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    A new SLC hits the track/streets

    I have been rather silent on this forum in the past but I wanted to announce the birth of our car. We recently finished Our SLC after 10 months (1500 hours) of pleasure. I had just retired and my son was between jobs so he moved home and we got busy. It is orange, has Graziano transaxle...
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    ROUSH 427IR Oil recommendations.

    Hi My Superformance MkII is currently undergoing it's engine install, it is having a Roush 427IR with Borla 8 stack fuel injection - because of the Borla the engine has been supplied without initial test bed running. Information from Roush on oil recommendation appears limited to "10w30...