1. D

    Superformance geometry , mounting

    What suspension does Superformanc use mk1 or mk2 and is it exactly the same geometry as the original gt40 .Does anybody have the measurements for the mounting locations for the front and rear suspension.
  2. Dan carter

    Hippo Ear Mounting?

    I see the hippo ears have a 1/8 inch "platform" on the mounting side. Is the intent to cut a hole in the side window poly for mounting, cut the platform off and mount on top of the poly, or just mount as is on top of the poly? How far forward/aft is best position for most? Thanks
  3. M

    Gearbox mounting

    Hi Everybody Just wanted some advice on mounting the transaxle. I spoke with the engineer and he said to only use three points of mounting, two for engine and one for gearbox. I am using an audi 012 gearbox and it has two mounts on it. What have you guys done for this? I assume you use both...
  4. A

    Gearbox installation

    Hi, Gearbox Installation process: 1. Checking that there are no damages at the gear unit. 2. Checking that the gear unit and the motor name plate, matches the requirements of the machine the unit is to be installed into. 3. Thoroughly cleaning the gearbox mounting surfaces that are to...