1. G

    Rear hub 36mm nut

    Ok, moving on to the rear bearings. I've read the previous threads but just want to clarify one thing: Removing the 36mm nut from inside the rear axle - I have removed the nut on the rear left, but the rear right seems rather tighter, can someone confirm whether the thread is convential or...
  2. G

    Brake Pedal Bias

    Can anyone confirm what is acceptable for IVA test with regards to locking the dual brake bias bar. A) Drilled and locked with a roll pin B) Drilled, locked with a roll pin and a locking nut C) As above but locking nut drilled and locked with locking wire D) Locked with a nut and welded...
  3. Doc Watson

    ZF rear cover nut torque

    After receiving my zf -0, I filled it will oil and every week I spin it for about 2 minutes to ensure the oil is moved around the internals. According to Paul Flemming they can 'rust up' if left dry for a period of time. The box was inspected cleaned and new seals were installed by Paul. I...