1. F

    Spoiler CAV

    Anyone know where I can get a rear spoiler , and front fin side spoilers? Aluminum or stainless not sure if its a option or custom what I see on some cars.
  2. C

    New Transaxle Option?

    The new 2020 rear engine Vette looks to have a new transaxle option. Its a ways off but should be designed to handle 500+BHP. Tremec, paddle shift only Oh, did we not mention the transaxle? (Note that we used the singular form of the word.) There will be only one gearbox, and it won’t come...
  3. lobelsteve

    LS7 with Dailey dry sump- AC compressor mount?

    No luck with existing brackets via web search. Talked to Kwik. Might have something that works with Sanden 5 compressor but not mini compressor that comes with Vintage Air kit. I just received a set of Dave's Unlimited brackets which do not fit. Option 1: Use R4 or 508 series compressor...
  4. M

    Wiring Connectors - Need Recommentation

    Hello, I did a few searches and looking at some posts, found different recommendations (WeatherPack, Allied, Tyco, Deutsch). Many of the posts were a few years back and suffered from broken links and/or the picture hosting problem. I am going to start some wiring, and would like to have a...