1. C

    Front brake pad observations

    Hey guys - started to reassemble my front calipers today and noted a few odd things about the pads. The ears on my pads appear to have been ground down, is this a brembo or RCR modification? Also noticed that I don't need have a metal backing plate between the pad and pistons. The rear pads...
  2. JBurer

    Camaro brakes

    Appreciate any experiences people have had in an SLC with the Camaro brakes. After setting them up (bedding pads, adjusting the balance, etc), did you find they performed well with reasonable pedal effort? Recognizing they're unassisted brakes... did you do anything other than adjust the...
  3. C

    FS USA (NYC) bnib oem brake pads bits, screws, and gaskets

    hey guys i have a few parts im helping a friend sell. i am not sure of prices but give me a reasonable offer and i probably will accept. located in nyc, text/call anytime for quickest response 201 961 4 eight eight 4. dont hesitate to ask anything or offer! thanks 2 brand new set of oem brake...