1. Howard Jones

    Connecting rod to stroke ratio

    Another thread on 331 verse 347 and their comparison to standard 302 stroke/bore dimensions opened up the question of rod to stroke ratio. The question was asked (by Jac so I know this is a good question) which was the best ratio: 302= 1.696, 331=1.661, 347= 1.588 My guess is the...
  2. S

    Graziano drop gears for sale / drop gears

    I have two sets of transfer gears / drop gears for sale. The first set is .76 ratio and is designed for top speed events. They have about 800 miles in them....basically brand new $2000.00 OBO plus shipping The second set is the factory Lamborghini / Audi ratio. These are brand...
  3. Dreamcars

    Stephan's SLC Build Log

    Stephan's SLC Build Threat Hello fellow current and future SLC owners. My name is Stephan and I just received the majority of my 2017 white SLC on Sunday, February 25th. Graziano, flywheel and Infinity box still to come due to backorders... I am in the Yardley, PA area wanted to introduce...