rcr gt-r

  1. AllanSLC

    ***SOLD Superlite GT-R for sale ***SOLD

    Completed Superlite/RCR GT-R Built by Allan LS376/525 hp engine, runs and idles beautifully Graziano trans-axle Drop gears available (not installed) Spec Clutch Mid-rise air intake Canton baffled racing oil pan Coil pack covers Headers, mufflers and cats Infinity Power Box wiring system Raptor...
  2. W

    Paul From New Orleans

    Just want to say hi! I'm currently searching for something that will inspire me again. I've built two cars already. 1 being a 71 ford torino and the other being a 2nd gen Trans am. Hopefully in a few months with the blessings from our higher up, i'll have the financials to purchase a RCR-GTR...