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  • Hi Allan my name is George I’m from Boston Ma. I have a few questions you can most likely answer better than Anyone else. If you have a email or a phone number I really be greatfull if I can have few min of your time. Just some basic questions Slc people were not willing to answer realistically. I can pay you for your time if needed. I think you will be excited to here from me. Thanks very much
    HI Allan:
    I just joined this site because im looking for my next kit car to build and i was thinking serious of building this one. I have build 1 prior a FFR CObra roadster. Any insight you can give me is appreciated. I think the price you have it for sale would barely cover the cost to build it. Mark Coulter

    Subject: CTS-V alternator

    I ordered the brackets for the CRTS-V mount (seems sturdier to me). I keep coming up with two part numbers for the CTS-V alternator 23480515 and 25766345. Do you recall your PN? Is it a one wire or three wire system? The GMPP harness is one wire on a three wire plug. If the alternator is 3 wire, did you custom wire the system?

    I have not ordered the alternator yet.

    I was reading the forum today about PeteB overheat problem and you responded that you updated your SLC with Maradyne fans. The question I have is the wiring on the relay. Do you use the orange wire for #1 fan and tan wire for #2 fan that is coming out of the Infinity firewall bulkhead connector on the switch side (86) of the relay to trigger the relay?

    I am going to update to the Maradyne fans since what I have been reading suggests that this is the best option.

    (517) 252-5335
    Hi Alan, I am building an RCR LMP-1 car with Tilton pedals. Just wondering where you purchased the adjustable pedal mount you installed in your YouTube video?
    Hey Allan, I responded via E-mail. I did spell your name wrong in the E-mail so I am apologize about that...Thanks again. -Tom- 215-512-9593
    Hello Allan, My name is Bob and I am a new SL-C owner .. Well ... a bunch of SL-C parts right now ! LOL
    I would do anything just to see a finished car !! Where are you located ?
    Hello Allan,
    Hope all is well with you, I hate to borther you but I can't find where I saved the pictures you sent me on the door hinges could you please send them to me again?
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