1. Joystick

    Graz KBA oil

    I’m sure I’ve seen a thread regarding type of oil for the Graziano but I can’t find it. Can anyone help me? Preferably Red Line.
  2. T

    Radiator Questions

    in the photo i have a radiator exactly like this one . i need to know what the large red screw on the right side is for and the small red screw on the top left and if it matters which side is hot and which is cold on the hoses. thanks tom
  3. N

    Can you name these cars at

    Must admit never heard of 2 of them, although one I should have. Not for you Mike you were there, although you may have to remind me of the red ones name:)
  4. M


    There is one red light and one green light on the top of this car #1049. What are they for?