Thank you. Had heard a story that these light were for alerting pit crews that red car was to come to pits next lap and that green indicated OK to continue racing. Thanks for clearing that up.

Jac Mac

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Nah not mirrors, just inboard of bottom corner of each headlight about 1/2 way between grill and radiator exit panel, blisters or bumps to clear something.
Update: it looks like it's also known as RAL 5003 Sapphire Blue. The problem is that's the solid color which doesn't help me when it comes to Flake and Pearl. I didn't get a reply from the restoration shop when I emailed them regarding the paint code they used. So if anyone knows someone there that could help please ask them.
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The other thing P/1049 has is the unique feature of two blisters on the front clip presumably to clear something?
Regards Allan
Hi Allan,

They were also a feature of the post production assembled P/1109, although this car had the blisters removed when the car was recently overhauled & painted dark blue.

Neither myself or the owner know why they were there.

Regards Steve.