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    I have a GTD-40 with no roof vent I want to install one does any one know where I can get one. I have the louvers for the exterior but no inside box. HELP!
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    MK I roof vent

    I want to add a roof vent to my MK I. I have the outside part, but not the interior box. Does anyone know where I can get one?? Thanks
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    MK I roof vent

    I have a GTD-40 and want to install a roof vent where can I find one? Thanks
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    Interior Panels

    Could you give me recommendations on the best way to attach interior panels without having screw heads exposed (roof panel, a pillars and door side panels)?
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    A door question

    For all you owners out there. I'd like to cut the roof of my Lotus Europa the way the GT40 is. They share much the same design in the doors except the roof cut out. The same head room problem getting in & out of the Lotus is I'm sure what prompted Ford to bring the door tops into the roof. The...