1. PeteB

    SL-C For Sale

    My SL-C is listed in the classifieds section: This section of the forum seems to get more traffic, so I thought I'd post a link here.
  2. Alan L

    Re-introduction: Alan's RCR 40

    Hello. I am late in posting, as I took delivery of my “Turn Key Minus” RCR40 from RCR in January. I am in the process of completing the engine install to include plumbing oil & coolant systems, alternator, compressor, clutch, etc. Although I am not assembling the kit, for me, getting this...
  3. B

    Porsche Boxster Trans

    I apologize if I did not dig deep enough. I went back about 7 pages or so in this section. Why are there not more Boxster 5 or 6 speed transaxles being used. Are they weaker than the Audi?