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    Looking for a GTD cable change

    Has anyone got a complete GTD cable change setup they would like to part with? Thanks Simon
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    Looking for a part completed GT40 Project

    Any stalled Tornado or GTD builds out there? I'm in the UK Please feel free to drop me a PM. Thank you Simon
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    Looking for my old GTD

    Just wonder if it was ever completed. It had s/s dropped floors and an SGT rear end. These pics came from the chap who bought it from me but I never heard from him again. I think it went somewhere in the Midlands (UK) Anybody ever seen it? ( yes, he had 2 GT40’s) Simon
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    FS in UK Smiths 200MPH speedo

    This looks like it MAY possibly be NOS but obviously several decades old! PM me an offer on £200 if its of interest Pics here.....Speedo by Simon Winter | Photobucket Simon
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    Iso Grifo engine

    were these ever 351 cleveland engines? simon