Iso Grifo engine


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The series 2 had the big block 427 Chevy. I know the Wikipedia page indicates Clevelands were used but I'm not aware of that and it seems inconsistent with the use of Chevy's for both Series 1 and 2.

Love the look of the Series 1. Sadly, like so many cars of this era (Alfa GTA, Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta Lusso, Lamborghini Miura) this car has escalated out of my price range...

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I know they used the Ford engine in the Rivolta, but question the use in the Griffo.
From Wikipedia:

In 1972, the Grifo IR-8 was released, using a small-block Ford Boss 351 engines. These models can be recognized by their taller hood scoop. This was the final version of any Iso automobile, as Iso S.P.A. closed its doors in 1974 during the 1970s oil crisis.[1]

Only a handful if Cleveland-powered Grifos were made. I saw one at Concorso Italiano a few years ago.

I had a series one Grifo in my garage briefly after I helped a friend haul it up from LA where he had found it languishing in a warehouse, it hadn't moved in 16 years. We got it running here and I got to drive it for about 40 miles. One of the best cars I've ever driven. It was originally built for the wife of the Italian stylist Marcelo Gandini. You could order a Grifo in several states of tune, and hers had the highest spec--the 365 hp solid-lifter smallblock Chevy. That car was really fast, comfortable, roomy, with great visibility and terrific handling.

I have another friend in Holland who has three or four of them. Must be nice!