1. N

    What's engine does this GT40 have ?

    I just saw a video of a gt40, mk1 I guess, and i just love the sound of it, and I want to know what engine does it have ? Here is the video on YouTube :
  2. J

    My 917/10 is ALIVE!

    It has taken 8 long and painful years but my 917/10 is running. It is Not tuned and the video does Not due the sound justice. More to come! Hi Fran! Home Built Porsche 917/10 Replica Start Up for the First Time! Finally! - YouTube
  3. 7

    302 or 351W??? I'm driving myself nuts

    Well I'm still in the planning stages of a GT40 build. But I really want to have everything lined up before I drop the $$$$. I've been pouring over all the stuff online regarding various drivetrain possibilities. I think I've got the trans down as a Porsche unit. I've talked with several of...
  4. G

    SPF exhaust

    Has anyone taken the cans off the exhaust and taken the guts out? I'd like to get a bit more unmuffled sound out of the snakes.
  5. gsharapa

    The sound of GT40's and Cobra's In The Morning!

    What great video to watch over a cup of Jo in the morning. Cobra and GT40 - LOUD AMERICAN V8 at Le Mans - YouTube
  6. R

    Book for sale: THE CERTAIN SOUND, John Wyer

    THE CERTAIN SOUND, John Wyer - SOLD Book now sold
  7. F

    Wheel Bearing Noise

    Took the Lola out for a spin and heard a very bad sound when moving. I determined it was coming from the right front wheel. A dry, metallic clicking/squeaking grinding sound that has no place in a Lola. Took apart, inspected the bearing (P/N 513019) and could find nothing unusual; rotated with...
  8. N

    GT40's at Manchester Classic Car Show

    Pictures and videos of the Northern Section GT40 Enthusiasts Club, taken on a phone so quality a bit iffy so turn up the sound ;) 002 - YouTube 003 - YouTube
  9. M

    Sound Insulation

    I have seen several posts about stick on sound insulation but haven't seen any on spray on. I have used Lizard Skin in the past for both sound and heat insulation with good results. Has anyone used this on an SL-C and were there any issues?
  10. J

    Le Mans 1966 Rare Sound Track LP

    This really is for sharing- a gentleman by the name of Richard Thain has posted a 16 part sound track recording of the 1966 Le Mans race onto YouTube. Richard sent it to me as Chairman of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club and I thought you'd all be interested in listening to it. I wonder if any of you...
  11. B

    Idling GT40 Video

    YouTube - Original Ford GT40 Unloading The GT40 burnout video had a link to this video of a GT40 unloading from a trailer. The action in the video isn't very interesting, but the sound of the engine idling is nice. The car is 1030.