1. JBurer

    Kevlar and Ceramic clutch packages (group buy)

    While researching components for my SLC build I found clutch options for the Graziano transaxle to be too expensive, too limited and too bi-polar. Because the transmission was OEM fitment for the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo, existing options were priced with those marques in mind and...
  2. D

    90 Degree Hinge For Sale

    I have a 90-degree rear street tail hinge that I purchased from RCR a couple of weeks ago, but have decided not to use. If you would like it for $100 plus shipping, please PM me.
  3. Dan carter

    LS3/480 and Cam Surge

    Sorry gents this is an old topic but could not get search to dig up the old thread for me but I need an assist from the forum. I am building a street car and wanting to have typical city street driving comfort from this engine like any stock manual car. I have read numerous times that the 480...
  4. C

    Carbon wing - what setting are people using?

    The wiki states to set the wing at 0 degs and tune from there - but I’d like to get feedback from folks who have this wing and have used it, either in the street or on the track. What are you guys running and what usage type/speeds are you taking the car to? I know Frank has this wing but...
  5. A

    SLC aero street legal with 2 seats

    Will this ever happen? I for one will think it'll do really well haha
  6. B

    Street and Track Car? Sub $40K?

    For driving in the US, what is a good, modern street car that can drive to the track and then drive on the track at a track day event (not racing) that costs less than $40,000? At the moment, I'm considering a new Mustang with the 4-cylinder 2.3L Ecoboost engine with the Performance (Track)...
  7. M

    M6 gt

    Just out of curiosity: Is anyone making the M6 Gt coupe these days? I haven't seen anything about one in quite a while. They used to be pretty popular in various incarnations like the Manta or Coyote? I prefer coupes as street cars like the T70 or M6.
  8. M

    A rare opportunity

    Gentlemen & others (you know who you are LOL) I have the opportunity to purchase a spot on reproduction tub & body for a T70 3B. My concern is I want to build a street car. I'd like some advise from those more knowledgeable on such things than I. Is a mono tub actually a good choice as a street...
  9. W

    Legendary Motorcar

    Channel 281 on Direct TV S4/E1 Tonight 8:00 PM Friday 3/10 12:00 AM Friday 3/10 7:AM They restore first GT40 PR street brought to North America Then sell it for 4.4 million