A rare opportunity

Gentlemen & others (you know who you are LOL) I have the opportunity to purchase a spot on reproduction tub & body for a T70 3B. My concern is I want to build a street car. I'd like some advise from those more knowledgeable on such things than I. Is a mono tub actually a good choice as a street car? Would a space frame with aluminum skin a better choice in the long run? I would probably opt to use Corvette suspension components than try to gather 100% correct. The price is quite reasonable I believe & one I could afford (don't tell my wife). Any in put would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers Mike,
For my penny`s worth, steel tube frame with aly skin is streets ahead because it is so easy to change , modify and make fit all kinds of ideas, dramas and cock ups.
Unless you have all the plant to work sheet metal and are skilled in that medium.
That`s my bit.
Russell like I said it's a package deal. A monocoque tub with the body & a windshield. If I was doing one from scratch I'd go the space frame route. The tub is an exact copy looks just like the one that Marcus has been working on for the last couple of years. I'm just not sure about using a mono tub for a street machine.
For what its worth our local GT40 club leader, Pete Thompson, has a GT40 built with a chassis constructed very much like the original T70. It was built for racing but he`s used it as a road and track car with a 7 ltr Ford engine. It has survived much better than I originally thought it would so I would go for the ally mono if you can stay on tarmac. Ask Pete I`m sure he will tell you what problems you might encounter
By all means have a go at making a road going legal car with an all alloy chassis, but it will dictate to you specific applications that are not too acceptable for road going. It will not stand up to the continual variable road surface hammering without some extra chassis strengthening, and considerable dampening in the suspension bushing and shock absorbing departments. Also bear in mind that the drivetrain jigging is for a Hewland gearbox, and if the finances are not there for one of those, then reworking will be needed to take alternatives. The list of other special to original/copy parts needed will be expensive and time consuming.

The chassis is the easy part !!!!


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Thanks Grahm yes those were some of my concerns as well. But it looks like I may not have to decide this time. I think the guy already sold it LOL Oh well back to my Lotus. Really should get it done first anyway.
Mike I just got home with the Lola tub. Thanks for the hook up. The guy has GREAT cars. I got a body and lots of other bits. So a Lola Mk3b spider with polished aluminum body! Let the good times roll. Use the RBT zf and SBC with 48 IDA's I have!
Randy glad you were able to make a deal. It looked like a spot on repro tub. An aluminum body? Did he have a coupe body? That's what I've been looking for & windshield. Good luck on your build & don't forget to post pictures LOL
Yes I got a coupe rear and cockpit.with a Mk1 nose. The MK3 chassis is wider than Mk1 I want to build the Donahue car. But I will only need the fiberglass for buck to build my aluminum body. So I could sell you the fiberglass when I get done!