Original Style Monocoques - How long does it take to completion ?

    Looking at the forum history over the past ten or so years there have been several FAV style monocoque car started with only a few completed, and these were outfitted and finished by professional workshops. Build logs show that the hobbyist takes a long time - about 8-10 years. How many do...
  2. R

    mastershift paddle shifting issues. . .

    i just bought a SPF gt40 mark 11, 427IR roush, it has a master shift kit, with a paddle style style shifter, if i don't completely granny shift, it misses gears, and makes a grinding noise going in to second gear, anyone have any experience with this master shift? similar issues, suggestions?
  3. Ron Scarboro

    Superformance FIA - Cobra For Sale ***SOLD***

    All, I know this is a GT40 forum, but... Superformance FIA Cobra with approximately 500 miles. Assembly was done by Dennis Olthoff. Body - - Viking Blue w/White FIA nose Strip and 3 White Roundels - Fiberglass body over original type Trojero frame - FIA Trunk with dimples - Bungee cord...
  4. P

    Wheels! please chime in!

    I am looking at getting a new set of wheels. Maybe keep the ones I have as an extra set or may be sell them or sell/trade for some goodies. I am looking for your help/advice. I really love the gold wheels that were on the Bailey black #2 car, those are perfect! I am deciding between those or...